Decision 2018

 Ward 25 

Being elected to office is not about a career opportunity, it's about representing, and SERVING a community; studiously addressing its needs, and responsibly shaping its future! One who seeks to be elected as a representative ought to be invested in that community.

My name is Rob Wolvin. I live and often work, in this Ward! I'm offering to be your voice to government at Toronto City Hall. I'm committed to listen to, speak for, and find solutions for our community.

A Councillor should work to build consensus with colleagues, to effect useful change, not to serve an ideological agenda. We need less of the partisan, "if you're not with me, you're against me" and less re-visiting of decisions made!  Residents deserve to be heard. They deserve to have their concerns addressed by a Council that knows, it's job is to achieve results.

I see five priorities that should top the agenda for a representative of this ward. Affordable Housing, Congestion, Addiction & Mental Health, Responsible Development, and the Economy.

Vote for action on all of these issues, and for a better future.


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