Toronto City Council, Candidate - Toronto Centre

Rob Wolvin

Living, working, striving to make a difference

I was born in Ward 25, June 17, 1965 at Toronto General Hospital, as my mother had been 28 years before me. Mom's family came from a family that had been in the GTA for generations, arriving in the 1820s. They came from Northern Ireland & from England. They were primarily farmers, clergy, teachers and investors. My maternal grandfather attended U of T and taught at Annette St. School for many years. One of my Mom's ancestors was an organizer for Wm. Lyon Mackenzie, who battled for responsible governance in Upper Canada, c 1837. Mackenzie was also Toronto's 1st Mayor. The 1st pitched battle of that unrest took place in the heart of Ward 25, right outside my current home, north of College & Yonge.

My father, Bob, was born in Fort William (Thunder Bay), Ontario but had deep roots in Toronto as well. His step-father was born at Yonge & Bloor in 1911. Dad lived in St. Jamestown in the 60's and for many years spent his weekdays living at Yonge & Grosvenor while employed as Manager of Land Acquisitions at Queen's Park. Dad was also interested in politics. He was President of the Ratepayers in what was then Swansea, in the west end of Toronto, and once ran for Council. He came by this interest naturally. His Dad, R. Edwin Wolvin was on Council for Port Arthur (Thunder Bay), when Dad was born. Dad descends, through his mom, from some of the first settlers in Upper Canada, the United Empire Loyalists, who settled in the Kingston area as well as north of Toronto, in the late 1700s.

As a child, I fundraised for the Etobicoke General Hospital & the Toronto Zoo. As a Teen, I was active in my local riding associations, taught sunday school & spent time in Belize, with a team of youth, helping an American missionary build a clinic. In my 20s I studied theology, history, political science. In my 30s I co-founded 2 non-profit societies that advocated for the LGBT, the arts & local businesses.

I'm interested in Heritage, Human Rights & Sustainability. I believe firmly in representative democracy. That means we elect people to govern, as we, ourselves, might, were we in their place. With your help, I can be that person!

I spent 14 years of my adult life in Vancouver. During that time I was a community activist, primarily on behalf of the LGBT community, and worked in hospitality, retail; engaged in sales, service and in management.

I returned to Toronto in 2005 and have lived and worked in Ward 25 ever since.

I owned a pub, Gladaman's Den at 502 Yonge St for a little over 3 years. We strived to be a neighbourhood hub, hosting numerous fundraising events, sponsoring several sports teams & helping to nurture local musical talent. Since then I have been employed as a Locations Support Person in Toronto's Film & Television industry.

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