Toronto City Council, Candidate - Toronto Centre

Yonge & Wellesley, Sherbourne & Carlton, Parliament & Queen, Dundas & Victoria, George Street, Church Street, ... All of these places and other parts of Toronto's downtown have seen an increasing problem of addiction & mental health, untreated.

Insisting that a gun ban is THE answer to increased Gun Violence panders to fears among those unfamiliar with a regulatory environment that exists in Canada! Its being complicit in Govt's intransigence on Disparity, Addiction, and Mental Health issues, the primary causes of Gun Violence!

Toronto must invest in making addiction treatments more readily available to addicts when they're ready to access it. Missing that window of opportunity for addicts is a matter of life and death. For the community it means strain on health care, violence, vandalism, losses to businesses and tragedy in families.

Safe Injection sites can save lives because they provide clean needles, on site medical treatment and ready access to information about where to dry out, when an addict is ready. The Right wants them closed or a freeze on any new sites being opened. The Left refused to recognize that the sites encourage addicts to cluster, attracting drug dealers, vandalism, theft, violence and loss of customers for local businesses.

Given the value to individuals AND to society as a whole, I would not advocate closing or reducing the number of Safe Injection sites. I would advocate that we make more, smaller clinics available. More locations to choose from mean less chance of clustering.

Only those with insurance plans or disposable income can access many of the services that are available. Investing in this need is not only right but fiscally prudent. Better care for those among us in need of Mental Health care means more contribution to society, fewer trips to hospital AND reduced vandalism & domestic violence.

Toronto must work with other levels of government and with the private sector to open more mental health facilities. Toronto needs to find ways to enable added affordable Mental Health options, perhaps financing psychologists' care. Psychiatrists, writing prescriptions are not always the best option!

Homelessness is an increasing problem in my neighbourhood. Many of those living on our streets are in need of Mental Health and/or Addiction treatment.


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