Toronto City Council, Candidate - Toronto Centre

Affordable Housing means not paying over 30% of gross annual household income for rent OR when rent is at or below the average market rate. That definition may need revisiting!

A single person on assistance pays more than 50% if their rent is the max allowed of $384/month. If they work full time at $14/hr then they need accommodation at a rate of $728/month.

A family of 4 pays more than 50% if they use the max allowance on assistance $744/month. Both parents working $14/hr need $1,200 rent, if they are to be able to afford that 3 bedroom apartment. Of course, with both parents working, many kids live in single parent homes, affordable child care becomes a challenge. Depending on what's available, in terms of affordable accomodations, the federal government's child benefits could supplement child care expenses. Availability is key, and it's clear, affordability is scarce.

2018 Greater Toronto Average Market Rent (AMR)

Hostel $796

Bachelor $1,019 - 1 bedroom $1,202 - 2 bedroom $1,426 - 3 bedroom $1,595 - 4 bedroom $1,854 - 5 bedroom $2,074

2 bedroom $1,430 - 3 bedroom $1,698 - 4 bedroom $2,021 - 5 bedroom $2,337

These figures represent the best case scenario in what's available to renters at this time, averaged throughout Toronto. It doesn't even account for availability or higher rates in different parts of the city, like Toronto Centre! Nor does it account for those who need affordable Child Care!

The new Ford led Ontario government has just removed an incentive to groups creating non-profit child care facilities in favour of more larger, and for profit, facilities. They believe this will increase the availability of spaces in the province.

I think it's worth noting families prefer lower floors, easier to navigate w strollers, toddlers as do seniors. Govt could facilitate MORE homecare, with policies that make caregivers living with seniors, more affordable. Groups of singles prefer higher floors. #AffordableHousing

Orange Team says, make city buy more units. Blue Team says, let market decide. Neither so-called plan is tenable! Look at all the condo construction, especially in the downtown and yet the affordable housing crisis worsens. You have to say this ideological, polarizing style of 'leadership' is NOT WORKING for Toronto!

How about.. Setting a moratorium on all 1 bedroom condo units that are being built until our system corrects? How about enabling condo owners to more easily rent 2 & 3 bedrooms, while regulating rates, until system corrects? Let's find ways to encourage private home owners to include more one bedroom and bachelor suites on their properties! #TOpoli

In my opinion, Affordable Housing should at the top of a list of four priorities for #TOCouncil. Progress on this file requires less ideologically debate, partisan grandstanding, more creative pragmatism that finds solutions that actually address the problem. Most of Toronto's problems have their roots in this crisis in accommodations!


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