Toronto City Council, Candidate - Toronto Centre

I applaud a transit option that advocates subways over RT because I believe the less transfers the smoother the trip. TTC needs one rail grade to have the option of transferring trains between lines, as congestion warrants. I don't believe Scarborough, was priority #1. I don't believe expensive tunnels, in that area was affordable, at this time! Having said that, Scarborough & Eglinton are a reality and we must find the funding and political will to address what experts tell us, is Toronto's top transit priority.

Toronto's subway system NEEDS a Downtown Relief Line, Yesterday!

The most expensive, time consuming, locally disruptive, prone-to-overruns part of building subways is the drilling of tunnels and construction of stations. I propose laying subway track on existing open corridors and partnering with development to help build and maintain new stations along that line. It's cheaper, faster and presents the least possibility of disruption to neighbourhoods along the route.

There are ways to build cyclist routes that are safer for everyone and are proven to reduce congestion. The loss of life on the streets due to pedestrians and cyclists, being hit by cars seems critical. Let's find out why and do something about it! Let's look at what other jurisdictions have done well, even learn from our own successes and misses.

We need to mandate the construction of wider sidewalks, particularly in the downtown, more pedestrian walkways and overpasses. Give enough space to pedestrians to move, avoiding roadways.

Cities used to have street plans that permitted several alternate routes for vehicles to seamlessly maneuver around congested areas. Is our grid design with major & minor roads, numerous one way streets downtown and no turn intersections, in the best interests of traffic flow. Can we coordinate our stop lights better?

Let's really do the work to figure out the best ways to get Toronto moving. Toronto deserves an end to snarled traffic that in spite of the rhetoric, seems to be getting worse! Council needs to have the courage to do what the best minds in the field are recommending that we do.


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