Toronto City Council, Candidate - Toronto Centre


Toronto needs to prioritize those neglected issues that have lead to Gun Violence! That doesn't mean politically expedient calls for a ban of legally licensed gun owners!

Yonge & Wellesley, Sherbourne & Carlton, Parliament & Queen, Dundas & Victoria, George Street, Church Street, ... All of these places and other parts of Toronto's downtown have seen increasing problems associated with addiction and few mental health resources! Council must facilitate the emergence of better Mental Health supports and more Addiction treatment options!

Insisting that a gun ban is THE answer to increased Gun Violence panders to fears among those unfamiliar with a comprehensive regulatory environment that already exists in Canada! This politicing is being complicit in Govt's intransigence on Disparity, Addiction, and Mental Health issues, the primary causes of Gun Violence!

In the long term I am advocating immediate prioritizing of the responsible, community inspired direction of development that helps to address the needs of the communities in which they are built. #Poverty & the absence of local community infrastructure contributes to gang activity. Lack of Mental Health supports and Addiction treatments lead to increased crime in our community as well as increased costs to Health Care, Law Enforcement and community life. It also denies our community the benefits of fully contributing members who are currently paralyzed by Mental Illness and/or Addiction. I advocate in all my writings that Toronto Council address the issues that will lead to a reduction in crime, in the long term!

In the immediate term I am in favour of more community policing as a deterrent. I'm in favour of lobbying higher orders of government to look more closely at why so many offenders are released back onto the streets.

I am not in favour of amalgamating police stations to save money. The further police are from our communities the more poorly served they will be. If we must pursue such a policy them I would be in favour of multiple satellite storefront stations. These might feature, one car and four constables stationed, two of whom would always be rotated onto a local walking neighbourhood beat, one in a car and one always at the station with a local volunteer front desk team. With this sort of approach, we could have locally available, neighbourhood familiar law enforcement while also building needed housing or amenities on city owned lands.

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